How are your Resolutions going?

We all do it, whether we formally declare them or just think about it…… New Year’s Resolutions! We are over two weeks into the New Year, and this is the time when we tend to start straying from those good intentions. Let your dog help, and the results could be beneficial to both of you.


  1. Lose weight: depending on what study you look at, 50% of American dogs are overweight.   As we focus on eating better and eliminating the snacking & binging, do the same with your dog.    Tips: measure your dogs food and eliminate all extra food…. no more table scraps or bonus treats!
  2. Work out more: all dogs need daily exercise. Depending on the breed, some need more than others. Do your research and understand the exercise requirements of your particular dog based on their breed(s).   Tips: take a daily walk, join a meet-up-group, take advantage of pet-friendly hiking trails, create your own group with neighbors to keep you accountable.
  3. Learn something new: we all benefit from brain stimulation. This is true for our dogs also. As you pick a new skill to master, pick one for your dog also. You really can teach an old dog new tricks.
  4. Be better about getting a physical and wellness checks: the same goes true for your dogs!     Tips: make sure your dog is up to date on vaccines, as well as their ID tags & microchips.

Incorporating your dog into your day makes having your companion that much more fun! When it comes to resolution success, it will hold you accountable, because you have made a commitment to your canine BFF. Not only will it help you both get healthy in 2016, it will increase the bond between you!



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