Westminster Dog Show

Last week I had the privilege to attend the 141st Annual Westminster Dog Show in New York City.

This dog show isn’t only about what you see on TV during the primetime showing from Madison Square Garden, it is so much more. During the day, you have the opportunity to not only see the specific breeds compete for best in breed across 10 rings, all day long, but you also have the opportunity to walk through the bench area to see, touch and talk to owners up close and personal.

As a trainer, I know everyone doesn’t have a purebred dog, but every mix breed dog is made up of these breeds. It is so beneficial to understand what each breed is bred for, what is their job. What is the requirements of the breed…exercise, mental stimulation, feeding, etc. There is nothing like seeing the best of the best in the breed standards all in one place!

For more information about the American Kennel Club, the Westminster Dog Show or about a specific breed, visit the AKC website at http://www.akc.org



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