Quarantine Life

As everyone adjusts to the new norm of life that we are experiencing. A few things have crossed my mind.

  1. Our dogs live a life of quarantine every day. Think about it, we get up and go about our busy days…. work, play, errands, etc. When we are home, we get locked on technology….tv, phones, computers, etc. Our dogs would love to be able to do more and be more involved with us.

Which brings me to my second thought.

  1. I have gotten such joy seeing all the people out walking their dogs…. mornings, afternoons and evenings! It has become our outlet to the confinement, and we are taking our dogs with us. So, take a step back and think about how much your walking partner would love to keep this routine up when the shelter in place order is lifted.

If you are one of those people that make New Year’s Resolutions, and even if you are not, make a Post Shelter in Place Resolution! Resolve to do more with your dog daily

  1. Walk together (they aren’t just good accountability partners, they are great listeners)
  2. Play a game together (fetch, hide n seek, soccer, the options are endless)
  3. Teach them a new trick (shake, bow, open the door, again it’s endless)
  4. Tap into their natural instincts and do some scent work

It doesn’t matter what you resolve to do, just do more of it. When we are released to resume our lives, I hope that we all have learned something from this time. It’s about simple things, it’s about valuing our time and the people we care about. It’s about enriching our lives, and those in it…and all those things should include your dog!IMG_1078


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