Breed Spotlight

This weeks breed spot light is the Whippet! Whippets are a medium sized dog with large eyes. They are a sighthound, that originally descended from the greyhound  The  breed standard comes in 18 different colors and 6 identifiable markings!! They are very intelligent dogs, as well as affectionate, friendly, and gentle. This very devoted companion is quiet and prefers to be with you in the home. They do well in small spaces, but do require brisk daily exercise. The Whippet should never be roughly trained, for it is extremely sensitive, both physically and mentally. The Whippet is often called the perfect all-purpose dog and is a keen competitor in agility, flyball, and lure coursing. They usually get along with other dogs and people, although early socialization/exposure to different people, sights, sounds, and situations is necessary. The average lifespan for a whippet is 12-15 years.img_0328


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