Pursuing a Dream

It isn’t often in life that we get the opportunity to pursue a dream that we thought was gone.
Growing up, I always dreamed of playing field hockey for the USA. I played through high school, college and continued with adult club but the dream of playing with a USA jersey was never realized.
Now fast forward many years, and I mean many years! I had the opportunity in 2017 to tryout again, but this time for the USA Masters team. After recovering from an injury, getting back to my fitness level and traveling to different tryouts and tournaments I did it!
I am so pleased to be traveling to Terrassa, Spain to compete in the Masters Field Hockey World Cup representing the USA on their over 50 team! The dates are July 27-August 5.
I appreciate all my current clients support and encouragement. And my potential clients for understanding that I will begin working with them when I get back.

For those that have asked, the website for more information is:
And the link to watch games live streamed: (potentially we will have our game streamed on July 29)



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