Indoor games to help with the winter blues!

Last week we talked about how cold was too cold. When our crazy weather in Georgia is not ideal conditions in order for you to get outside and take your dog for a walk, here are few indoor activities.

  1. Hide n seek. Your dog must have a strong out-of-sight ‘stay’ to play this game. Don’t immediately go to the hardest hiding place in the house. Start easy, and build up.
  2. Treats in a muffin tin. You can mentally challenge your pup by placing a few treats in a muffin tin, but cover all the spots with tennis balls. Now let your pup find the treats….and figure out how to get them.
  3. Indoor fetch. To minimize the ball from bouncing off walls and rolling under the furniture, put a tennis ball in a sock.
  4. Games with a box (everyone loves to upcycle). Try putting a few treats in the box to get your pup comfortable with the box. Try covering the treats with a hand towel, or paper.

These games DO NOT replace the daily walk, but when the weather isn’t cooperating to take the long walk or multiple walks, you can supplement with games. For more ideas, and more specific steps to master the games feel free to reach out…I’m always up for game playing!


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