Guess the Breed Answers!

How many did you guess correctly? 1a. Greyhound – independent, gentle, noble and super sweet Great dane – friendly, patient, dependable American hairless terrier – friendly, lovable, inquisitive   1b. Wirehaired dachshund – spunky, curious, friendly. Clumber spaniel – mellow, dignified, amusing Cane corso – smart, assertive, confident   1c. Neapolitan mastiff – sweet, steady, […]

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Westminster Dog Show

Last week I had the privilege to attend the 141st Annual Westminster Dog Show in New York City. This dog show isn’t only about what you see on TV during the primetime showing from Madison Square Garden, it is so much more. During the day, you have the opportunity to not only see the specific […]

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Top 10 Best Dogs to have apart of your Family

Looking for a new dog? Here is the top ten dogs for a family suggested by PetMD! Read more about the individual breeds at Bull Dog Beagle Bull Terrier Collie Newfoundland Vizsla Irish Setter Poodle Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever

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New Year, New Puppies!

The holiday season is a very common time for us to get new furry friends. Now that the chaos of the season is over, and schedules are getting back to normal, you might be thinking that a little training for your new bundle of energy might not be a bad idea. There is no better time…. January is National Train Your Dog Month, […]

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Make Training your Resolution

January is a time when everyone reflects back on the previous year(s), and makes resolutions to improve in the coming year. Make training a resolution for 2017! Start your year with a commitment to yourself, and your canine companion. You will love the results! Happy New Year from EveryDog Training

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ASPCA Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is ASPCA’s Adopt a Senior Pet month! Kittens and puppies are adorable, but older pets are just as loving and loyal as their younger counterparts.There are even some perks that come along with adopting an older furry friend, because senior pets are fully grown, you’ll most likely know right away important information such as […]

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Breed Spotlight

This weeks breed spot light is the Whippet! Whippets are a medium sized dog with large eyes. They are a sighthound, that originally descended from the greyhound  The  breed standard comes in 18 different colors and 6 identifiable markings!! They are very intelligent dogs, as well as affectionate, friendly, and gentle. This very devoted companion is quiet and prefers […]

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